Spinomed Spine Brace

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Evidence based, spinal orthoses to increase core muscle strength, reduce kyphosis, decrease pain, increase vital capacity and improve daily life for patients suffering for the symptoms of osteoporosis or hyper kyphosis impacting the spine. Spinomed utilizes a unique aluminum posterior panel that is cold formable to match the patient's spinal curves and can be adjusted as the patient condition improves. Features include The innovative pivot joint improves comfort and prevents migration. The shoulder straps are easy to fit and comfortable to wear. The moldable posterior panel adds stabilization. This item replaces Spinomed and Spinomed A/P. For patients needing added anterior stability, add the anterior panel SL11321.
  • Pelvic straps with pivot joint improve wearing comfort
  • Proven 38% reduction in back pain
  • Proven 11% reduction in kyphosis angle
  • Activates back muscles for long term solution to Osteoporosis
  • Backpack design is easy to put on and take off