CEP Recovery Pro Socks, Women

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Meet the recovery socks used by the pros. CEP's Recovery Pro Compression Socks offer even stronger compression for even faster recovery. CEP uses targeted compression for improved microvascular circulation and oxygen return to muscles. High quality fabric, anatomical structure and strategically placed foot padding ensures unmatched wearing comfort. You can expect a perfect fit thanks to graduated compression that's also gentle enough to be worn all day and while traveling. Designed for recovering athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Embrace the pressure and recover faster with CEP's Recovery Pro Compression Socks. You'll thank us later.
  • 20-30mmHg optimized graduated compression profile
  • Targeted compression for improved circulation and oxygen supply to muscles
  • Perfect fit for unmatched wearing comfort throughout the day in between high-performance activities
  • Designed for athletes for recovery, daily use and travel
  • Helps relieve pain of plantar fasciitis, shin splints and Achilles tendon